Mask Your Phone Calls And Location No Matter Where You Call From

These days, it can be necessary to disguise your identity as well as to merely protect it. If you’re a businessman or even just an average person who may need to contact someone but doesn’t want to reveal him or herself in doing so, it might be a good idea to buy into spoofcard.

“What is spoofcard?” you might be asking. It is a new downloadable app for your mobile phone, iPhone or Android device which instantly disguises your caller ID by selecting a name and location at random to transmit with your phone’s initial contact signal. The randomizer, which is part of the app’s function, creates a different number and location tag with each call made from your phone, so no two are alike. In this way, it is possible to make calls from a mobile while protecting its number as well as the number of one’s own private phone number which serves as the main house or office line.

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“But the person I phone can still tell that it’s my voice!” you may point out. Well, another feature of this handy app is that it also disguises one’s voice electronically, generating a convincing male or female voice and even background noises to further disguise any hint as to one’s own real location. The recipient of the call need never have the slightest clue who is actually phoning them or from where. One could be fully cloaked by this particular spoofing function, carry on a conversation, and remain anonymous as far as the person at the other end is concerned. As a further security feature, all spoofed calls are also digitally recorded and can be retrieved at any time, which could be necessary if they need to be used as evidence at a future date.

The spoofing app is convenient to use and works on a “pay as you go” basis, the same as mobile phone services based on buying minutes. This means that the individual client is not committed to any long-term service plan nor a fixed expense. The service can be dropped and picked up as needed. And it is also available in a selection of service packages which are renewable online or from one’s own phone. So when you click on buyspoofcard, you get the app and a minutes package, and can add minutes as needed. And service is available worldwide, which provides extra convenience and protection no matter where you go. So if you have a real need for anonymity on the phone, visit the website at and sign up.


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